4 Things to Know Before Visiting a Vineyard

Visiting a vineyard or winery can be a wonderful experience. However, some things should be considered before visiting one. Wine tours and wine tastingshave become very popular for vacation activities. It is also great for just a day trip if it is nearby. Before visiting a winery for a tasting or a tour, consider the following things.

The Time of Year

Wineries in the northern hemisphere harvest at different times than those in the southern hemisphere. Consider where the winery is and when they experience summer. Also, find out when their harvest time is. It is a good idea to ask about the different options of tours and tastings during the different seasons. The experiences will likely be very different.

Favourite Types of Wine

Before booking a tasting or a tour, consider the preferred types of wine. Look into wineries that produce more of the preferred or favourite types of wine. This will likely ensure a more enjoyable experience. Rather plan and do some research than end up at a red wine the only event with people who only drink white wine.

Safe Driving Arrangements

This is a very important consideration. Before heading out to a winery for a tasting or a tour, make safe travel arrangements. Not all wine tastings will get a person past the legal driving limit, but rather be safe. Arrange for a designated driver or a third-party driving service. Ensure that everyone arrives home safely.

Food and Water

Eat before going to the winery. Many tastings and tours may offer some type of food or snacks. However, be prepared and eat before going. It is never a good idea to drink wine on an empty stomach. There will likely also be restaurants, so try them out. Also, take water and keep hydrated between tour stages or tastings.

These four points should get things on the right track and avoid problems. It is always a good idea to do some research and find out as much as possible. To have a truly satisfying wine tasting experience, consider these four tips.

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