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Australian Vineyards

Australian Vineyards

Read all about vineyards in Australia, Victoria, and the rest of the world. Information, reviews, rating operations, and more.

Wine and More Wine

Wine and More Wine

The Bridge Vineyard website is all about wine. Find helpful information about different types of red and white wine and how they are made.

Wine Awards

Wine Awards

Winemaking is an art. Discover all the greatest winemakers and wines that Australia and the world have to offer. And the award goes to…


4 Things to Know Before Visiting a Vineyard

Visiting a vineyard or winery can be a wonderful experience. However, some things should be considered before visiting one. Wine tours and wine tastingshave become very popular for vacation activities. It is also great for just a day trip if it is nearby. Before visiting a winery for a tasting or a tour, consider the following things.

The Time of Year

Wineries in the northern hemisphere harvest at different times than those in the southern hemisphere. Consider where the winery is and when they experience summer. Also, find out when their harvest time is. It is a good idea to ask about the different options of tours and tastings during the different seasons. The experiences will likely be very different.

Favourite Types of Wine

Before booking a tasting or a tour, consider the preferred types of wine. Look into wineries that produce more of the preferred or favourite types of wine. This will likely ensure a more enjoyable experience. Rather plan and do some research than end up at a red wine the only event with people who only drink white wine.

Safe Driving Arrangements

This is a very important consideration. Before heading out to a winery for a tasting or a tour, make safe travel arrangements. Not all wine tastings will get a person past the legal driving limit, but rather be safe. Arrange for a designated driver or a third-party driving service. Ensure that everyone arrives home safely.

Food and Water

Eat before going to the winery. Many tastings and tours may offer some type of food or snacks. However, be prepared and eat before going. It is never a good idea to drink wine on an empty stomach. There will likely also be restaurants, so try them out. Also, take water and keep hydrated between tour stages or tastings.

These four points should get things on the right track and avoid problems. It is always a good idea to do some research and find out as much as possible. To have a truly satisfying wine tasting experience, consider these four tips.

From field to cellar

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How Drinking Alcohol Affects Betting Behaviour

A fun night at the casino, or even some casino games at, usually involves some alcoholic beverages. It sort of goes without saying. A game of poker with brandy in the one hand. Roulette with a ruby-like glass of wine. Gambling and alcohol tend to go together. However, drinking alcohol can affect how a person gambles.

Moods and Behaviours


Alcohol affects people differently. Television shows and movies often say that people become different when they drink. This is true. Some people become sad while others become happy. Some get needy and others get aggressive. Alcohol affects everyone’s mood and brain differently.

So, what happens when alcohol and betting or gambling mixes? People’s moods change and their ability to make decisions decreases. Many people become a lot more aggressive in their betting when they have had a few drinks. This often leads to massive losses and a really bad next day.

Types of Games


The type of game being played also has an impact. When a long night of poker is expected, they tend to pace themselves. With quick games like slots or high-energy and high-stakes games like roulette, people can sometimes get carried away. The effect of alcohol can either be to bet too much or to withdraw and walk away.

Alcohol impacts decision-making and betting behaviour. However, people react differently. Some will drink moderately and play fantastic games and win. Others may get too confident or aggressive and lose everything. Individuals should pay attention to how they react and adapt their gambling and betting behaviour accordingly.

When a friend seems to have trouble with betting behaviour, some places can be contacted. Online places like Gambling Help Online can also assist with advice.


The Best-Loved Wine Variants in Australia

Most people who drink wine have one or two favourite variants that they prefer. Some people like a sweeter taste or more fruity elements. Others may prefer very dry variants that are woodier. In Australia, people enjoy all the different variants but some are more popular than others.


Shiraz is a variant that is known for its versatility. It is often characterised by berry flavours, spice, and oak. Shiraz is the most produced and most popular drinking wine in Australia. It goes well with a variety of food dishes. It is also light enough to just enjoy as a relaxing drink. Two of the best regions for shiraz in Australia are the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry-type white wine. It is made with grapes with tough skins. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape variant prefers milder climates and does not do well in very cool climates. Some of the best variants are grown in South Australia.


Chardonnay is another white wine variety. The grape for this wine is grown in all the wine regions in Australia. The best regions include Riverina and Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Some statistics indicate the Chardonnay makes up almost 50% of Australia’s wine production.


Merlot is a very popular wine worldwide. Because of its softer tones and versatility, it is preferred by many people. It goes with most types of food. It has a lower acidity level than most other red wines. This grape variant also prefers warmer climates. The best regions for this wine are McLaren Vale and the Yarra Valley.

Other popular wine variants include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Semillon, and Riesling. It seems that Australians lean more towards white wine instead of red.

Australia has a lot of vineyards and wineries that create wonderful tasting wines across the different variants. From Merlot to Riesling, there is a great local wine to be found. Support the local wineries and enjoy your next glass of wine in style.


Award-Winning Wines for a Great Night Out

A great night out may be something that many people have missed. Staying in has been the way to go since Covid-19 hit the world. However, now that things are a little more relaxed, a great night out may just be on the cards. Whether playing games at BitStarz online casino with friends or visiting the real thing, such an outing requires some good wine.

Cheese and wine parties or just a small get-together also need some of the best Australia has to offer. In the 2020 Decanter World Wine Awards, Australian wines made a killing. Six of the Australian wines won Best in Show Awards. As a whole, Australian wines won 58 gold medals at this event.


So, when taking on the town or having a private gathering, good wine must show. These wines will be great company for an exciting night of gambling at Australian casinos. It will also be great for keeping guests happy at a stylish home event. No matter the occasion, order one of these wines.

Anderson Hill O Series Shiraz 2018

This Anderson Hill Shiraz is a wine for any occasion. It will go well with a game of blackjack or poker. It will also go well with some cheese and crackers and good music. It ranked ninth of 41 during the Decanter Awards.

Fraser Gallop Estate Parterre Chardonnay 2018

For white wine lovers, the Fraser Gallop Estate Chardonnay is the best. At number 14 of 41, it still comes in high and highly recommended. In combination with the right food, music, and gambling party, this wine will be the star.

Morris Old Premium Rare Topaque NV

The Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque came in fifth. This Muscadel from Rutherglen is the perfect drink to end off an evening of gambling, betting, and good company.

Any of these wines will make an evening out, or in, one to remember. Bet on them.


Making Wine: A Quick Overview

Winemaking is a complex process. It requires very specific knowledge and understanding of grape variants, weather conditions, climate, and soil conditions. All of these things impact the flavour, colour, and quality of the wine. Winemakers are artists as well as scientists.

There are a few basic steps that most winemaking processes involve. Different winemakers may add other processes in-between depending on their experience and the wine they are making.


This means that the winemakerchooses the grapes that will make the wine. The winemaker will likely feel and taste the grapes at different times during the growing season. Based on this, he or she will pick the grapes when they reach the desired ripeness and taste.


The next step is crushing. This involves removing the stems and crushing the grapes to get the juice out. Crushing and destemming can be done at the same time with machines. Some winemakers keep the stems at first and later separate them from the juice.


Pressing involves applying pressure to the crushed grapes. This is done to separate the grape skins and the juice. The skins can be used later for adding colour or different taste elements. The juice is placed in barrels or metal tanks for fermentation.


Fermentation is what eventually makes the wine taste the way that it does. Fermentation of the grapes releases different elements and acids. Bacteria are introduced to the process to convert sugar into alcohol and metabolise certain acids. The juice is left to ferment for anything from three months to six months and sometimes even longer.

Temperature Control

While the grape juices are fermenting, the temperature must be monitored. The chemical reactions required to produce wine need specific conditions to be successful. The right temperature allows for optimum growth, production of necessary byproducts, and flavour extraction.

Every winemaker has his or her winemaking process. These are the basic steps but there can be a lot of individual variation. Many factors influence how a wine turns out at the end. The winemaker has to know about all of these factors and control them as far as possible. It takes time and experience to create the perfect wine.

The Wine-Making Process: Harvesting

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Top Accolades for Winemakers

Wine is something that millions of people across the world get excited about. Making a bottle of wine with the right textures and notes is an art. There are thousands of vineyards and winemakers in the world. Many take part in international competitions to receive awards and accolades.

These awards place them as the best of the best and increase sales. Countries from all over the world take part. Here are some of the top competitions and accolades for winemakers.

Sommeliers Choice Awards

The Sommeliers Choice Awards sets the standard for wine sold at restaurants. The judges give marks for specific requirements that would make them decide a wine should be added to restaurant wine lists. Judges are top sommeliers, wine directors at restaurants and other establishments, and on-premise wine buyers.


London Wine Competition

The London Wine Competition rates wines on quality, packaging, and value for money. The judges are drawn from different wine-related fields. It is a unique wine competition that elevates the wines that are judged and go on to receive top awards.

Decanter World Wine Awards

The Decanter World Wine Awards, is the largest wine competition in the world. The competition judges are all experts in different fields relating to wine, for example champagne or pinotage. Wine is arranged for tasting according to different factors like colour, country, and price.

International Wine and Spirit Competition

The International Wine and Spirit Competition is a well-respected event. More than 80 countries from across the world take part in this competition. The IWSC is often seen as setting the benchmark for good quality wines and spirits. Beverages that receive awards at this competition are sure to be of the highest quality.

These international competitions award the top accolades to different winemakers all over the world. The best wines on the planet are found among the winners and medallists of these competitions. When looking for a great wine for a party or at a restaurant, check out the winners of these competitions.