Top Accolades for Winemakers

Wine is something that millions of people across the world get excited about. Making a bottle of wine with the right textures and notes is an art. There are thousands of vineyards and winemakers in the world. Many take part in international competitions to receive awards and accolades.

These awards place them as the best of the best and increase sales. Countries from all over the world take part. Here are some of the top competitions and accolades for winemakers.

Sommeliers Choice Awards

The Sommeliers Choice Awards sets the standard for wine sold at restaurants. The judges give marks for specific requirements that would make them decide a wine should be added to restaurant wine lists. Judges are top sommeliers, wine directors at restaurants and other establishments, and on-premise wine buyers.


London Wine Competition

The London Wine Competition rates wines on quality, packaging, and value for money. The judges are drawn from different wine-related fields. It is a unique wine competition that elevates the wines that are judged and go on to receive top awards.

Decanter World Wine Awards

The Decanter World Wine Awards, is the largest wine competition in the world. The competition judges are all experts in different fields relating to wine, for example champagne or pinotage. Wine is arranged for tasting according to different factors like colour, country, and price.

International Wine and Spirit Competition

The International Wine and Spirit Competition is a well-respected event. More than 80 countries from across the world take part in this competition. The IWSC is often seen as setting the benchmark for good quality wines and spirits. Beverages that receive awards at this competition are sure to be of the highest quality.

These international competitions award the top accolades to different winemakers all over the world. The best wines on the planet are found among the winners and medallists of these competitions. When looking for a great wine for a party or at a restaurant, check out the winners of these competitions.

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