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The Bridge Vineyard is the one-stop non-stop information hub for all things related to wine in Victoria.

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The Bridge Vineyard is all about the wine. From picking the grapes to finding the tannins. All the information can be found right here. This website looks at all the different aspects involved with winemaking, wine selling, and wine drinking. Whether readers are looking for tips on tasting or how to start a winery, it can be found here.

There is a lot to learn about wine. The Bridge Vineyard takes readers through the winemaking process. The website offers advice and tips on how to taste wine and which glasses to use. Plan a great wine and cheese evening with their tips. No matter the topic, if it relates to wine, it is probably somewhere on this website.

Start the journey to loving wine by exploring the website and visiting the blog section.

Australian Vineyards

Read all about vineyards in Australia, Victoria, and the rest of the world. Information, reviews, rating operations, and more.

Wine and More Wine

The Bridge Vineyard website is all about wine. Find helpful information about different types of red and white wine and how they are made.

Wine Awards

Winemaking is an art. Discover all the greatest winemakers and wines that Australia and the world have to offer. And the award goes to…

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