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2009 Vintage Wine Release

The latest wines are on offer from the Bridge Vineyard‘s 2009 vintage.

Another tough year to be making a living off the land. The drought which had started in 1996 had thrown everything at us  every year had its own signature basically hot and dry. 2009 was the same but Black Saturday different.  To get a crop to the Harvest amounted to luck and  hope.

The vineyard had with stood the testing times surprisingly well and a good crop was realized. Cropping close to above average and a mild settled Autumn enabled our viticulturalist to stay the picking until the grapes were considered  “spot on”.

Picking was to coincide with moon phases  and although a short 4 years of observations/research had been undertaken it was with some confidence that what is now a strong part of our philosophy was going to be beneficial to the harvest and the wine.

The yields also provided us with our Plan ‘A’ ideal  which was to be able to grow a mix of varieties to blend with Shiraz.

The mix includes Malbec  and Viognier both varieties have proven adept at partnering Shiraz to present wines of differing profiles and texture. Of course the 100% Shiraz is our flagship wine and they are all made with the same care and attention to clean and green philosophy with out modification or addition beyond the small amount of Sulfur used  pre-bottling.

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